Appreciation For It All

Ah yes, difficult days. Weeks. Months.

I can easily look back over my own life & see where, no matter how twisted things may have gotten, God was always with me. Today, tomorrow – He will be no different.

I am just now starting to feel better after being sick for more than a week. Thankful I️ was well enough to attend the funeral Sunday of someone that died unexpectedly & tragically – someone that was so loved & was such a light to so many. Feeling the burden of the loved ones left behind. And grappling with the news that a very dear friend of mine shared with me about her health & the uncertain road ahead she’s facing. All of those things combined have left me feeling off – not myself. A bit empty. Pondering bigger things. And giving less care to insignificant things.

Life is precious. Things we think that matter don’t as much – & things we don’t give as much attention to really do. Re-shifting, re-focus. Necessary adjustments. God Help us.

Love one another. Pray for one another. Lean on each other. Give. Forgive.

Let go & cling tighter all-the-more.

So much love y’all,

Bonnie ❤️

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