The Only Place

So I have come to this place again. Empty of myself & all my striving & in need of filling. And in my spirit I know nothing else will do. Nothing but falling back into this sacred space with my Papa. Behind the veil & covered from all that is clawing for me.

Just tapping out those 4 little letters brought tears to my eyes immediately –


Abba Father.

Daddy God.

The King of all kings & Lord of all lords.

Unfolding plain to me as I write these words- my little life, my circle of friends & precious family- are but a blip, a speck in this wide world. And yet right here in this very personal & stripped-bare moment, unworthy as I am, I feel His eyes upon me. Illuminating the dark places. Calling. His love welling up in my soul. MY soul. How…?

I will never fathom it fully.

And I am overcome.

It’s in these moments that I am full.

My cracked & worn cup spills over. Again. And I wonder why I waited so long this time. When all along all I had to do was just. get. still. I have such a hard time doing that you know – getting still. God help me.

Lord, for everyone reading this that may find themselves in a similar place, help them to get still. All it takes is just a few sacred moments focusing on You. A few moments bowed over at the finite glimpses we get of all the majesty that You are. You envelop us when we recognize Your sovereignty in our lives. When we posture ourselves at Your feet. You are worthy of ALL praise & we worship You above every created thing – both human & material. None satisfies so deeply, so purely.

So completely.


In Jesus’ indescribable name,


Much love y’all,

Bonnie ❤️

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