That Beautiful Name

“My name is the strong tower in your life. The death on the cross was the master stroke of the enemy’s defeat, for it was at the cross I gave you My name as the ultimate weapon against all the wiles of the enemy. When you see difficulties looming all around you Beloved, know that I am your defense. I am the strong tower that will protect and surround you and keep you safe from all harm. Men look all around for answers and for deliverers to come and save them, but it is all in vain, for I alone will deliver you and salvage your life from destruction. The righteous run into My name and are saved. There is no other shelter, there is no safety outside of the Cross.

So, run to Me, for I am your rescue. Run to Me when all else fails for there is no salvation in any other name or any other power. Politics will not save you. Armies and their campaigns of conquest will not save you. Get it into your heart and mind forever that it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, that My purposes are maintained and My peace in your life is established. Pull away from those that would seduce you away from My voice speaking in your heart and through My word. Lean upon Me with all your ability, knowing that when troubles threaten and gloom is all around, I am the light of truth leading you to a better day.” – Father’s Heart Ministry


Jesus. No other name I️ know is so sweet. Has such power. The One I️ certainly run to – over. And over. And over.

My Strong & High Tower.

My Deliverer.

When all else & all others fail – He does not. And He will not. No, not ever.

Cry out to Him. Lean on Him.

For He cares. And He Loves you so, so much. He really, really does.

Much more of it y’all,

Bonnie ❤️

Let this song wash over you….

Click here-

Beautiful Jesus

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