Face To Face

“One day you’ll look into the eyes of God, face to face, and you’ll see yourself, as you truly are, for the first time. You are far more perfect, wonderful and accepted than you can imagine. You are the darling of heaven, the joy of God’s heart & a child of the Divine King. You are pure. You are free. You are love. You are graceful. You have been made in his image. You’re wonderful.”~ Excerpts from a quote by Mick Mooney
Oh sweet Jesus – can you imagine the day we finally get to see Him face to face? Just the thought of it turns me absolutely inside-out. I will more-than-surely fall flat at His feet & weep & weep.
And weep.

In fact, I already do that in 2 specific sacred places on the carpet in my little apartment now. Just without being able to physically feel His nail-pierced beautiful feet. Carrying to HIm my deepest pains & regrets & agonies. That I could not & would not utter to another soul in the same way. Laid bare, exposed & painfully honest. And offering up my utmost praise & highest honor to the One that holds me together, when I’d otherwise be falling totally apart. It’s just the truth.

It is amazing to me how what I bring is left right there. How when I offer my depths, ugly as they sometimes are, I feel an honest to goodness exchange. When I offer up my truths, my confessions, my everything He accepts them graciously. Never condemning, always Loving & holding me there. And He gives me His peace, His joy & His grace to get back up & begin again.

Lord Jesus You are the absolute Love of my life. I cannot believe I ever chased what I can only get from You in another soul. I am so thankful I now realize there are just some things I will only find in the Well of Your Great Love for me. That Well that will never, ever run dry. You satisfy me in ways man never will. I get that now.
I need not ever feel desperate again. Ashamed again. I do not ever want to feel again as though I need to control anything or anyone at all – except how I react to what comes at me. You have given me that. You & only You. I will praise You till I draw my last breath this side of heaven & then on to praise You for all of eternity. I don’t know how anyone does it without You.
No clue at all.

Hallelujah Lord ~ Hallelujah.

Praise Him with me today – go find your own sacred place & offer Him your truths & gratitudes. He. Is. So. Worthy. Of. It. All.

Much love y’all, I could just burst this morning…

Bonnie ~ Please enjoy this beautiful song…


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