Lay It On Down

Whatever that thing is that you’re clinging to dear life for-
The one where you’ll surely die if you can’t have whatever it is-
That you just know you’ll never ever truly live again if you lose it-
Lay. It. On. Down.

Nothing should be that powerful in our life. Nothing should consume us like that.

Nothing. But. God.

I say these words because I’ve been there. I know what it is to be so wrapped up in something or someone that I can’t see the end of my nose. I know what it is to let whatever it is become my very breath. Instead of God.

There has to be a balance. We need to seek wisdom regardless of what we are “feeling.” We have to keep our eyes open and be sure not to give ourselves a lobotomy & try to shove our heart into our head instead.
For the heart is deceitful above all things, & desperately wicked: who can know it? I didn’t say it, Jeremiah 17:10 did.

Trust me, I know that the very things we think we cannot live without – we can. As long as we lean on God & keep our relationship with Him intact.
This too shall pass. There is life on the other side of whatever this is. It will be painful for a time, & we should give ourselves permission to grieve. And not let anyone tell us what that should look like. It looks different for each person. But then we must get up and move on. If we want to have a life again. God is able to raise us above the depths that we go to when we lose something so precious to us. Or when a dream seems to be dying right in front of us. There is always hope for a better day. For a better outcome. God is greater.

When we know that we know that we know & it just won’t leave us – that something isn’t right. When we just don’t have peace – when the flags are flying – that we need to go a different way. Make a different decision. Turn down a different road –
Just. Lay. It. On. Down.

At Jesus’ feet. He can handle it when we cannot. I know for a fact that He can. Even when everything in our heart is screaming “I just won’t make it through this.” His grace is sufficient for all of these things.

Not sure why I wrote this this morning. It just came out of me. It must be for someone.

Much love y’all,


(image from the movie The Passion)



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