Does anyone desperately need a shift in perspective today?

Here is a little something from a sister seeing-through-the-glass-darkly ~ scratching wildly at it to perceive things more clear.

Rather than focusing on the faithfulness of God –
Many times we focus on what our circumstances seem to dictate.
But faith enables us to see God on top of ALL our problems.
If we only see the problems – we get depressed & start making wrong & sometimes pretty dang stupid decisions.
I will be the first to raise my hand, as usual.

Unbelief talks to itself instead of talking to God.
It grows & grows & fetters itself around our confused souls.
When we talk to ourselves we’re really not getting anywhere – Because our outlook is very limited. (Ain’t that the truth?)

But if we talk to God instead with all of this stuff
That clamors to tip us right over the edge –
We’re talking to Someone who knows everything.
And He is more than capable of handling whatever life flings our way.

He knows what He promised in the beginning.
And He knows exactly how to fulfill those promises –
No matter the circumstance you may find yourself in now.

Rest easy.
You are right smack-dab in the palm of His hand.
There is no better place to be.
Now quit wiggling & make it your goal today to stay there.

I’m your ring-leader.

Much love y’all,


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