I am learning hard-headed-ly that if I really want something & it’s not happening by my “normal” methods, then it’s time to jump.

What is the definition of insanity exactly? Say it with me –
“Doing the same thing over & over & expecting a different result.”

This whole thing of getting out of our comfort zones – why does it feel like ripping the world’s biggest stickiest band-aid off & doing it really, really slowly? It can be agonizing – in our heads. Absolutely gripping, a mental choke-hold for sure.
At least for me it can be anyway. Maybe I am the only one…
But I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not.

Fear of what ‘s next, procrastination because we don’t want to risk failing (again) – whatever the myriad of excuses we have –
We MUST overcome.
We simply can’t stay where we are & expect things to be different.

Life is waiting on the other side of our current state.
I just know it –
This is for someone today other than me.

“Our life unfolds in proportion to our courage.”

We need to take our Daddy by His strong right hand & JUMP –
I am so excited even tapping out these words ~

Join me y’all –

Much love & much, much more life to be had,


(image found on pinterest)


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