Love Anyway

Please don’t ever regret showing kindness, love, respect or honor to someone who, in the end, didn’t deserve it.
That situation speaks more loudly of your character than of them.
Remember that.

Jesus calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves.
It is not conditional.
If they choose to reject us or to walk away – let them go.
Free will is as free will does.

If we can look back at a situation knowing we loved & we fought & we tried as hard as we could then what more can we do?

We are all flawed & we all have bits & pieces of ugliness in our hearts. We are all very, very human.

We will hurt each other & wrongly accuse each other & we have probably all tried at some point to make someone pay for what someone else did to us. I raise my hand.

But. God.

Once He steps on the scene & we begin to recognize His majesty, His Sovereignty & most of all His Great Love –
Once we begin to accept it all into our life –
And begin to truly love ourselves as we allow Him to love us –
It will change everything.
One sweet, painful, bittersweet & glorious layer at a time.

And when life hits hard or lifts us high we can take it –
It won’t sway us either way.
And we will do it all with grace & strength & dignity.

Rest in knowing you’ve shone His light –
You’ve extended His grace & Love –
To those who didn’t want it.
Or couldn’t receive it.

Because truth is, at one time or another –
That was you & that was me.

I’m so thankful God never changes.
He never leaves.
And He always, always, Loves.

Halleujah Lord.
We praise you from our regrets & we ask you for change –
For humility & strength from on high.
You are God Most High & we are not.
We need Thee every hour.

In Jesus’ mighty name,


Much love y’all – & more choosing to love anyway.





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