Don’t Stop Believin’

“Get ready for change, for the trajectory of your life is about to shift in a different direction. For years you have trudged and plodded toward what you understood to be My will in your life. You didn’t mis-hear Me. The dream you have reached for is not in error. The enemy tried to tell you that the vision in your heart was of your own making. The enemy suggested that your vision originated in your own thinking and not My plan for you. This is a lie. You heard Me right the first time. The vision did not lie. You did not presume – not matter what things look like in the natural.
There is a move ahead for you that will redefine the parameters of the status quo. I am upending the circumstances around you to open you up to all the possibilities that your highest heart’s desire comprises. This will involve reworking many of the commitments you have made and for a time it may feel like you are backtracking over old territory. Do not be distracted. Do not feel like time is running out. When it seems there is nothing before you but a blank wall – refused to flinch. I will open the way and you will go forward. Time will be accelerated and there will be several “suddenlies” that will pour into your life in days and weeks of what you thought would take years and decades. It’s a new day. You have stepped over into your blessing place this day.” – Father’s Heart Ministry
This word resounded through my sometimes impatient, mostly hopeful-like-a-child soul this morning.
How many times have I heard the hiss of the enemy –
Telling me that my dreams will never be reality.
And that damnable proverbial shoe is oh-so-real
& will certainly drop, squarely down on my heart & ruin it for good.
Our God is faithful.
He is the Author & the Finisher of our faith.
He plants those desires we carry the deepest –
That bend us over in the night when no-one is there but Him ~
To soothe us & inspire us that He has good, good plans for our future.
And we mustn’t stop believing it.
Lord, for those it applies to – help us to take this word in & truly accept it as Your promise to us today.
It ain’t over yet.
Much love, ya’ll,
(image courtesy of linkedin) AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKnAAAAJGE3MTYzYjhjLTFkM2UtNDlmYy04ZDNlLWQ1MjdlNzEzNDU0Ng


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