Let. It. Hurt.

“Let your hurts draw you closer to God, increase your faith, and make you surrender to Him. The more it hurts, the more you should persevere. The more you persevere, the closer you get to your finish line. So the next time it hurts, let it hurt. You need it to cross-over.” ~ God’z Gurlz

How many times have I tried to push hurt waaaay waaaay down – where no one will see it or feel it- most of all me?
More times than I like to admit. Ahem…
Sometimes pretending all-is-well is right for a situation – I mean we can’t go around throwing up all over people in our social circles.
But when we get home & we are alone with God or we are in a safe space with a friend, family member or sound counsel, maybe that’s when we need to start practicing being real. Being honest about where we are. Confessing our messes. Baring our tired & tattered souls.
And not giving worrying about being judged an inch.
Naked is naked.
There is something powerful about when we speak things out that we have been carrying for far too long.
Things we’ve hidden, shoved into closets –
Stuffed in corners –
Swept under our rugs till they are bulging –
Where everyone can see them but us.
Lord help us to let Your light in –
To open the sin-stained windows
And pull back the black-out curtains in our hearts.
To peel off the facades & strip the pride away.
Help us to embrace the pangs & pains & lean into them,
Staring them full-on in the face.
Because this kind of split-open exposure drives the hellish things away & helps us to our freedom.
I know it first-hand.
You are a Good, Good Father.
Yes You are.
Yes You are.
And we are so, so Loved by You.
It’s who we are.
It’s who we are.
Help us to see.
In Jesus Wondrous name we pray,
(image courtesy of fromcoldtofire.wordpress.com)

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