The Answer

I preface this by preaching to myself first, then to all of you ~

What are you facing today?
What has your emotions on lock-down?
What has your feet stuck to the floor
& the will to propel yourself forward in chains?
What has you feeling so alone?
What has you feeling lonely & unwanted & unloved?
What thoughts won’t stop racing through your mind at night –
Keeping you awake till the wee hours –
& draining you of any energy for the next day?
And the next?
What has your soul so troubled & tangled, so wrapped in fear-
That you’ve lost any shred of hope that you once had?

I have one solution for it all, THE answer –

He is acquainted with ALL of our sorrow – all of the trouble & trial. He knows our lying down & our rising.
He has counted the very hairs on our head –
& can recite their number to us any-time we’d want to know.
(Or not, for some of us.) 🙂
He knows us intimately, whether we hide in corners –
Or fling the gates wide –
He. Is. With. Us.

When we make the poorest of choices that only drive the lie deeper that we aren’t worthy of any good thing,
When we use our swords to shred away at those around us –
Hurting the closest ones-
He sees the pain we carry that drives us to do these things.
He sees the holes we’ve dug to hide away in –
To make dirty little homes in -but calling them good.
God help us.

And yet, He loves us still.
He ever so patiently picks us up again, and again.
He carries us from battlefields of our own making –
To victories He has already won.
All. For. Us.

He wants so much better for us than what we’ve been settling for.
And the wonderful thing is, the miraculous thing –
Is that He isn’t going to stop until it is finished.

So let us not despise His chastening, His leading –
Or even His grace & mercy.
Yes, oh how I understand we don’t deserve any of it –
And that alone makes us shrink in shame from partaking of all His goodness –
But it is a gift.
Bought with the highest price – for you, and for me.

Hallelujah Lord.

Take it all to Him this morning. Please.
Lay it all at His beautiful scarred feet.
You will never be rejected there.

Much love y’all,


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2 thoughts on “The Answer

  1. Luke 4:7 says “But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.”. I realized recently that being NUMBERED is different from being COUNTED. Since they are all numbered, He knows that hair # 23,437 is grayer than hair # 35,421 but it is curlier than hair # 8,245. AMAZING!!

    Thanks for the thoughts – Brother Kenny

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