Stronger In The Game

You ever feel like you are playing tennis with an enemy?

I sure do.
On “good” days I feel strong & resilient & I slam that ball over to my opponent with force & determination. And I stand a little taller.
I may collapse afterwards but at least I overcame.
Other days, I am worn slap-out.
Vulnerable & weak-er & a few will fly right past me.
Missing the return over & out of my realm, those days can sure wear me down.
Who with me wants to be stronger, more agile – on most days –
Not just some?
Who with me wants to be found ready & on our game?
So the violence flung against us can be met with dogged determination to send it flying back?
We have the Greatest Coach – the Greatest Trainer – The Greatest Encourager on our side of the court.
His word is what strengthens us for this game called Life.
In fact, His word IS life.
Let’s get in it more & stop laying down in defeat.
Let’s build the stamina we need –
Rise up with me y’all – people are watching us & waiting to see what happens. We are meant to be inspiration as Christians – not deterrents to faith.
God help us!
Much love y’all!!
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. ~ Romans 8:37

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