Start Where You Are

A dear friend gave me a gift the other day & I believe she was divinely inspired. She couldn’t have known the depth of how much I needed it. Nor did I, but I felt it leaping off the pages as I perused it. It’s a self-exploration journal – entitled below. And a word for someone this morning.
Or a word for me, if no-one else.

“Start where you are.”

Give yourself permission to not be anywhere but where you find yourself right now. Brush the condemnation & shame off those beautiful shoulders. And hug yourself for getting this far.
(Please. Just do it.)

Because there is nothing you can do to go back now anyway.
And there is nothing you can do to propel yourself forward any faster –
than beginning right here.

Start where you are.

Lift your head up – there is your Redemption.
Keep your eyes on Jesus ~
He is your mighty Warrior,
Prince of your Peace,
Lover of your soul.
Yes, even yours..
Tattered & worn down as it may be.
Broken crayons still color.

You still have life left to live, you really do.
Abundant life, at that.

Start. Where. You. Are.

It’s a good place to be. I feel it in my bones.
Just thinking about it ~ aren’t you, like me, just a wee-bit excited where it might lead?

Join me ~

Much love y’all,



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