Call On Him

What have you slipped & fallen into lately?
That you didn’t intend on?
That you didn’t see winding up like this?
Are you afraid?
Can you see your way out?

I am here to declare to you this morning ~
There is a way out.
A way back.
A way forward.
A way up.

His name is Jesus.

Call on Him.
He will help you do what you can’t on your own.

He makes streams in the desert.
He shuts the roaring lion’s mouth.
He breathes life into dying & dead things.
And looses the chains that so easily bind us.

He is able to make us stronger, wiser, better.
Than all of that.
Not because He is disappointed in us ~
But because He loves us too much to just leave us.

Even when we got ourselves into the mess.
Or when we were blindsided ~
Shoved into a pit in our naivete..
Just trying to belong.
To feel loved & accepted.

Lord help us all to know we already are, all of those thing in YOU.
Help us to raise our voices & call out for help & stop shrinking in defeat. For You are greater God.
Greater than all of this.

In Jesus’ MIGHTY name,


Much love y’all,

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