Trapped No More

Happy FriYay y’all!

Many times when I write it’s after something has inspired me. Or I have had some divine experience I just can’t keep to myself. Or I just have something I need to get out. And sometimes I actually pray (cough) about what I need to write about. I know the “sometimes” part isn’t very spiritual but I never claimed to be a sheep-herder. Hard to do considering I’m such a sheep myself…
Any-who – I actually prayed about this one.

As I asked God what I should write about next, I immediately saw a picture in my head. (God speaks to me that way a lot.) In it, a woman was struggling & very upset. Around one of her ankles was a metal trap – like something you’d catch a wild animal with. She fought & fought against this thing, wearing herself slap-out.
I could see the clear hurt, anguish & frustration all balled up in her soul like a cluster of the barbed-est of wire.
I feel you sister, I have been there.

And right after I felt impressed with the answer to her great dilemma.

What she though had her so bound, that she’d never get free from – what had her transfixed & immobilized as though she were concrete-ed in – wasn’t so hopeless after all.
Because all that she had to do was say just one word & mean it – REALLY mean it – & that one word was “No.”

The moment that she said it with the conviction of years of enduring it all & being so, so tired –
The moment that she said it with a made up mind such that no-one would dare try to sway –
That damnable trap popped right off of her & she was finally, finally free.

Hallelujah Lord.

What has you trapped today?
What are you terrified to step out of or in-to?
What has your feet nailed to the floor?
What has your heart so crushed & pummeled that you can hardly feel it beat anymore?
What has you believing you’re worth little to nothing to anyone?

Just say NO.
No more of this.
No more of that.
Hell NO to the hisses & lies that we will never, ever be free.

Lord Jesus – we cry out to you today from our traps.
We ask for the bountiful grace to do what we have not been able to do for ourselves – not until now.
That feeling rising up in us – that tiniest of flames – Lord blow Your mighty Spirit upon it.
Giving us the courage & the strength by Your power to say NO.
And to mean it.
Once & for all.

In Jesus’ all-powerful chain-breaking name,


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