Our Justification

We are justified by our faith –
By Jesus & all He has done.
Not by our works or our own “goodness”.
Lord help us.

None of us are spotless beyond the Precious Blood.
None of us earned it, are earning it, or will ever earn it.
It is a Free Gift.
For you. And for me.

So fling off the grave clothes of perfection & legalism & religiosity. Or appearing as though we have it all together when we clearly do not. Stay real & soft & pliable in Our Father’s hands.

Put on instead the cloths of humility & praise & gratitude.
And most of all – Love Sweet Love.

Sometimes that means letting go & sometimes it means pulling closer. Look to God for the answers.

He. Has. Them. All.

Much more love y’all & justification the right way ~
In Christ alone,

Bonnie ♥


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