Embracing It All 

Instead of running like hell from or flat-out denying our difficulties – let’s try embracing them, prickly & painful as they may be. 

It’s an awkward dance at best & not an easy one. But there is a pearl of great price in there somewhere. 

In due season good will come from our trials. Beauty for the ashes. 

Joy instead of mourning. 

Hallelujah Lord. 

May we find God’s strength in the very middle of our weaknesses. 

It is there. 

His Grace, Love & Mercy are enough.  

Keep getting up. 

I sure am.

Join me. 

Much love y’all & have a wonderful weekend, 

Bonnie ❤️

One thought on “Embracing It All 

  1. susykelley@twc.com

    This is good stuff. Brings to mind Gal. 2:17-22. Dying to our own desires for an easy walk through this world is a toughie. All of us want comfort and all, but I try to also remember that Jesus said that the way to the kingdom is narrow,not wide. Love you, girl. Your encouragement goes a long way! ❤ \

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