Can You?

“It is your portion to be loved. You have wondered and speculated what your purpose in My kingdom might be. Beyond every other concept and idea, it is your highest task to simply be loved. Outside of understanding My love there is nothing to be accomplished. Every religious effort, every monumental effort is completely without merit unless you first accept, understand and be immersed in the love wherewith I love you. I love you. Love is why I came here. Love is why I stay. Love is who I am and what I do. Accept that love. Tear away and extract every illegitimate and false image of Me in your mind that is contrary to love. I am not looking for opportunities to judge you I am looking for occasion to love you. Can you accept that love?” -Father’s Heart Ministry

Can. You. Accept. That. Love.

Those words immediately pull me under.

That Love has turned me inside out & upside y’all.
It has run me into corners & crevices, behind curtains, under beds & into closets.
It has softened the hardest stubborn places in my heart
& washed my soul clean over & over in its Holy waters.
It is the only thing that truly satisfies consistently.

I shrink back from It in my humanity sometimes ~ a crown & coat of many colors that I could never earn.
I always feel unworthy.
But I am grateful – always grateful.

It is what drives me to my knees & doubles me over when I least expect it – & then all I can do is lean in & give it all to Him.
For no-one or no-thing else deserves that praise from our bottom up like He does.
It is as vast & deep as the oceans & as wide & glorious as the heavens.
Its fury chases us down & envelops us till we can’t breathe on our own anymore – because we were never meant to.

Our hatred.
Our failings.
Our judgment.
Our control.
All obliterated by His Love ~
His Goodness.
His Mercy.
His Grace.

Hallelujah Lord.
Triumphant above all,
Rescuer from all our folly,
Restorer of all that’s broken & lost.

We bow before You this morning in holy surrender ~
To Your Great Love.

Much Love, y’all – oh my God – how much Love.


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