You are His beloved.
Yes, you.

The only tattoo I have right now is on my left wrist & that is what it says,


From before you were a twinkle in your Mother’s eye.
To this very moment.
With every hair numbered and every tear bottled ~
He knows you intricately, intimately.
From every defiance to every surrender,
He loves you still.

He will never stop.
And nothing you can do will ever separate you from it.

He sees past the shame, the stains, the weaknesses & flaws.
All the rejections, the goodbyes, all the things that have broken your heart ~ have broken His for you.
He is acquainted with all of your sorrows, whether you caused them by choice or they came by the choices of another.
Either way, His mercy knows no end ~
And He is faithful when no-one else is.

He pursues us always & we shouldn’t ever fear His strange & amazing Love.
Though that one is tough for me sometimes, I will admit ~
But I am trying.

Join me & call yourself His beloved today, because you are.
Keep saying it till it takes root & begins to grow.

You are so precious in His sight.
Yes, you.

Much love y’all,


(image courtesy of

Song of Solomon 6:3 ~ I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine …



One thought on “Beloved


    This was amazing, Bonnie, and led me to a blog I think will be of much encouragement to me as well. What I love about “A Bonnie Blog” is your absolute honesty.You say the things I think. The things 18 years of training in “ good manners” don’t permit me to talk aloud about. Thanks for that;you’re so refreshing. Much love! Susy

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