A Friday Proclamation

Speak it out & believe ~

When I am empty, you fill me.
When I am lost, you find me.
When I am weak, you – my King – are strong.
When I am confused & blurry – you give me Your peace.

You pull me from the ditches & make straight the crooked paths I wander.
You make the darkness light before me & reveal what is lying in wait.
Because You are my Good Father.
Because You Love me.

You know far better than me what is best for me.
God help me to see.
Lord I believe. Help my unbelief.

Thank you for saving me over & over from the enemy’s snare.
For even he is subject to your command.

Psalm 21:11 says, in fact ~
“Though they plot evil against you and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed.”

You reign supreme oh God.
You are Love & You are Truth.
There are no lies or deceit found in You. Nor will there ever be.
You are greater than all.

Your plans for me shall prevail, regardless of my own.
You are God. And I am not.


I proclaim it all in Your Precious & Holy Name Jesus,

Amen & amen…

(image courtesy of thereformedwesleyan.com)


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