You Alone

I was driving home last night after my monthly dinner with one of my dearest friends & this song came on. I have been saturating myself lately with worship like this – the raw & real kind. I can’t do namby-pamby. It doesn’t speak to me like this does.

It is so true.
When it all comes down, God alone is what sustains me.
He is what lifts me from the floor.
The strength that carries me when I have absolutely none left.

Why we let circumstances beat us down to that point is a mystery. I think after a while we all get tired and we stop fighting. And just give in. Life deals us enough blows & we are down for the count. We lay down & we stay down. Losing our will to get up.

Until a friend calls & insists that we do – God’s voice & hands.
Until another friend texts or calls & says just the right thing at just the right time & the fog lifts a little.
Again, God with skin on. I could go on with story after story.

As much as I have retreated & isolated myself lately, God won’t let me stay there. Sometimes it has been irritating. Not that I am ungrateful, just that I want to be left alone to wallow a little longer. What a joke. That is not where I belong.

I am so blessed. My son is alive & doing well. I have friends & family that love me & oh, how I love them. And all of my needs are met.

My declarative this morning is that it is time to shake off the dark side of this season I have been in.

The light side of it, among other things I’ve mentioned before, is that through it I have gotten an even deeper understanding of God’s love for me – His sovereignty in my life & how much He desires the very best for me. I have seen His authority in action – saying a firm, & clear *No, absolutely not* – to the enemy’s plan to prosper against me.

We must remember again that we are not warring against each other – but against principalities & wickedness. We are not each other’s enemy. But we do have one.

And. God. Is. Greater. Still.

You alone God.

Listen to this. Let it wrap around the broken places & give you some much-needed strength.

Much love & heaps & heaps of grace upon you to GET UP today – Redemption is calling out your name,


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