In The Waiting 

For all of you who are in the trenches of faith – I understand the agony of waiting & wondering that can wrap itself around us so tightly that we feel we cannot move.  

On the flip-side, I understand so much the thrill that comes when pure Joy floods our souls. When Hope stands up tall on the inside & shines a beacon in our personal darkness-es. Even though the details of what is coming are not spelled out – which can be so incredibly frustrating sometimes- we just know that we know that we know that they are good. Because our Father tells us so. 

He is the Truth. 

And I also understand how badly at times I want to put my hands all over something that I feel like God is telling me to let go of. And take Him at His word. And how densely foggy the line between faith in action & faith in standing still can seem. 

God help me. 

God help us. 

Help us to know when to move & when to simply trust & do nothing else at all. And then if we must move help us to do what we cannot do within ourselves apart from You Lord. Grab us by our scared & quaking shoulders & help us to know with assurance that Your strength is being perfected in our weaknesses. 

Oh how desperately we need You God. You are our Great Rescuer. You are the lifter of our heads & the mender of our broken hearts.

Thank You for the gift of Your Son. Thank You Jesus for dying for us & rising again so that we may rise also & live abundantly with You.


You are so faithful. 

Hallelujah Lord ~


In Jesus’ All-mighty Wonderful name, 




Much love y’all & giving at all to Him – again, 


One thought on “In The Waiting 


    Gosh, Bonnie, was this ever good!Nice to hear someone say the words that confirm what you believe,and empower you to feel the joy you do-instead of acting, or trying to feel like others expect you “should”. Keeping that joy and peace real and active on the long-term(if necessary)has been my challenge, but I think it is only answered by knowing Him, and experiencing the faithfulness of God.You learn to trust it.For me, the “joy” is usually a quiet affair,but no less real. Thanks for your words, and your courage to speak them.

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