My calendar said this morning:

Your own soul is nourished when you are kind. ~Proverbs 11:17

Kindness matters.
Consistency matters.
People matter.

How much better do we feel inside when we aren’t spewing negativity-s about ourselves or other people?

How much sweeter life is when we choose love –

Every day that I get older the more I want peace.
The more I want the games to stop.
The more I want authenticity –
Or I’d rather you Just. Step. Out. Of. My. Life.

I will do my best to continue showing kindness.
I will do my best to not get bitter.
But to, instead, let these things make me better.
To be my teacher – of how to live & how not to.

Life is short.
Tomorrow is not promised.
That becomes more clear with each passing day.
Make it count.

Live out loud.
Live on purpose.
Love consistently.
Love free.

God help us
To keep our eyes upward
To be Your hands & feet
To be kind.

To. Be. More. Like. You.

In Jesus’ wonderful name,


Much love y’all,


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