A Guest Post: Weeds In The Garden Of Our Hearts

My friend Amy M. posted this on her personal page the other day. I thought it was such an accurate analogy. I just had to share it Let it speak to you this morning…


“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9

Working in my herb garden today I found a huge weed, a thistle weed thorny and ugly. It didn’t belong in my beautiful garden. I had to wrap a towel around it to pull it up to keep from tearing my hands up, but when I pulled only the top part came off. I knew if I left it at that, it would grow back just as strong and ugly. So I got on my hands and knees and dug, and chopped, and pulled , until finally the huge ugly root gave way. The earth left behind soft and supple.

God is teaching me so much through every day life. I have things in my heart like that, ugly things that threaten to overtake me. We all do I imagine. Hurts , disappointments, wants, wounds. If I chop them off (try to bury them) surely they will continue to grow. It takes a deep removal, hard work, a decision to embrace the pain until the root is gone and the soil of my heart is soft again, ready for good things. The things God wants to put there.

We cannot rely on our human hearts , it will only bring pain and disappointment.

Circumcise my heart, oh God
Cut away the dead flesh that has labored it’s beating
Increase the flow of your precious sons blood through my veins
Redeeming every skipped beat, every palpitation, that isn’t in rhythm with the beating of yours
By your gracious hand, create a new heart with only your name inscribed upon it
Where no evil thing, no bitter root, can take hold
There is strength in God to do the hard things and come out on the other side



(image courtesy of naturalliving.com)


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