I have only heard God speak in an audible voice to me two times. This was one of them – the other I will share another day. They both literally saved my life.

I was sitting at a stoplight on my way to see a friend. At this time in my journey I was a wee 24 years old &, though I was saved, I was not living the life God would want for me. The wonderful & miraculous thing is He still loved me anyway & was watching over me, as any good Father would.

The light turned green & as I went to mash on the gas, I heard one word burst forth from the air around me to my right ~ “Wait.” It was calm but firm. It startled me because no one else was in the car ~ no one I was aware of anyway. So I did just that ~ I waited.

One one thousand, two one thousand – then all of a sudden a car comes screaming down the cross-road in front of me, right through their red light. They were running probably 60-70 miles an hour & never slowed down. That would have been the end of me. There is no doubt in my mind. Thank you Lord, for sparing me. That day & only You know how many other times..

Is there anything you are about to do right now & you feel God is saying “Wait” – ?

Sometimes that is the very last word we want to hear – especially when we are just going along doing what feels “natural” or “right”. Or if we are on a high from the pleasure of this or that or the other thing. Boy, have I been there. And there. And there.

God sees what we don’t. He sees us one year from now, 5 years, seven & on. And on. He knows what is best for us. He knows if we are settling for less-than because that’s how we feel. Or because we are tired of the “wait”. He knows exactly when He is bringing our answer, our heart’s desire. He knows the how too & if we are delaying it by being so dang independent. So He speaks.

Waiting can be downright hellish, painful, frustrating, irritating. It can make us stomp our feet & cry like spoiled rotten little brats because we want what we want, when we want it. Maybe not you, but I’ve done it. I did it earlier this week in fact.

But I know deep in my soul, down in my ragged & sometimes forlorn bedraggled heart that to wait for His timing, for His best ~ is best for me. I have seen it, peering back in 20/20, over & over. He has spared me from so much grief, from so much wasted time & energy. And more than once, by listening & taking heed to “Wait” it has saved my very life.

Please pay attention to the whispers, the Voice above every other. For it is only Love that speaks. That guides. That protects. If we will just surrender to it.

Much love & waiting when we must ~ for our own good,


(image courtesy of chrisandkrista.org)


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