The Great Exchange

Good morning y’all – the weekend is here!

This morning I want to talk briefly about exchange.

The most common example would be something like returning & trading the horrible robe your mother-in-law got you for Christmas, because she obviously hates you. 😉

But I am speaking of something else. Here are some things where I bet we could all use an exchange. And I know just the One for the job.

Faith for fear when we wake up violently with a catch in our chests at 3am for a loved one in the grips of something no-good – for when the hisses of no-happy-endings clang in our souls.

Honesty for deception when we are living a lie of any kind.

Love for hate because someone slashed us to our core. Or walked away. Or didn’t fight for us. Or…..

Forgiveness for contempt because we were wronged in the worst kinds of ways. Robbed of things we were never mean to lose that way.

Joy for sorrows that can hardly be uttered because they are so deeply painful.

Understanding for disillusionment – because “no one understands” what we are going through.

Acceptance for rejection – because when we look deep in the mirror we don’t like what we see. How can anyone ever really love all this?

I could go on this morning but I won’t. I think this little list covers a large part of commonality in our human condition.

Jesus suffered, died & rose again for all of it. He paid the price long ago, for us to freely make those exchanges today.

To say they will be made fluidly with no hassle & quick & efficient?
I wish I could promise that. A common misnomer.

But I know this – His end of it is finished. It’s getting us to accept it all that can be messy. And sometimes a tug-of-war. To leave some of it & fully walk away without looking back feels impossible sometimes.

But it can be done. Practice makes imperfectly perfect.

What do you need to exchange today? What have you been carrying for so long you believe you must be permanently disfigured?

Let me tell you, that is a LIE. And a crafty one at that.

Join me in The Great Exchange today.

And come back tomorrow & the next day, as oft as you must.

It’s free, a gift – that will cost you the pain of laying some things down- but in return you will get Life, and Life more abundant. Freedom & the recklessness of Joy everlasting. Peace that confounds the wisest & the fools. Grace to cover you & equip you as you go.


Much love & exchange for much better days ahead,



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