“I am delivering you from worry. Fear is an intoxicant, and this poison will no longer contaminate your life. I will so fill you with Myself and so bless you by My hand that worry and fear will be an implausible laughability. The specter of fear and torment that haunts others will no longer daunt you. My very nature is expressed in faithfulness. In your life I am faithful to deliver. In your life I am faithful to heal and faithful to provide. Be of good courage. My faithfulness so envelopes you that I will answer before you call.

Get ready for blessing today. Even this day, I will answer as the MORE-THAN- YOU-CAN-ASK-OR-THINK GOD. My very name in your life is MORE-THAN-ENOUGH! I don’t answer prayers with illusory maybes or faint probabilities. You are going to see My hand up front and center in your life. So be of good courage. Don’t look to the right or the left. Regard not the rising tide of false expectations. I will not allow the enemy to gain advantage over you. I will empower and shield and protect you by My hand, and you will give testimony before all the world around you, that I am the God who answers by fire, and delivers you from every snare.” – Father’s Heart Ministry


‘I am delivering you from worry & fear will be an implausible laughability.’

Oh. Sweet Jesus.
Can I get a resounding amen?

Fear has tormented me for as long as I can recall – back to when pigtails, muddy knees & staring up at the sky flat on my back in grassy green fields were the norm. When it shouldn’t have been an issue, or part of a little girl’s existence.

I have long pockets of time where I don’t remember things & then strangely, some memories are as vivid as though they happened 5 minutes ago. Some I wish I could erase into eternity.

Traumas shaped my view of the world – following me like a bad omen. Always looking for another axe to fall or that damnable other shoe to drop flatly on my fallible head.

I receive this word today for myself. And I believe some of you have been clawing at it for far too long yourselves.

We forget Whose we are. Who our Father is. We get tunnel vision & lose sight of the Truth. And our past hisses & mocks it at every turn. Or maybe it’s just me.

Let’s pray for each other today. If you struggle with it too – feel free to comment. And I & our virtual community will petition our Daddy on your behalf.

I’ve drank deeply of peace & freedom & it is oh so sweet.
I want more. Let’s step out onto the water together.

Much love y’all,

Bonnie ❤


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