Lamp To My Feet & Light To My Path

“Do you know what it is to have a text leap out of the Scriptures upon you, and carry you away? This special energy and flash of truth is always memorable. How often have the waves of this sea of truth been phosphorescent before my eyes—a sea of glass mingled with fire, of which the spray has dashed over me and set my soul on flame!” – Spurgeon


The Living & Infallible Word. How many times have I gone into it hunting for Holy treasure & gotten exactly what I needed for that very moment? What else can give us that? Nothing I’ve ever found. Not even close.

And I need to do it more. I’ve gotten lax & feel like I’ve been asleep for months. I need some clear direction in certain areas. I’ve definitely allowed myself to get cloudy. Letting my cares choke out out my faith when they ought to be intertwined.

To gain more Life is to take it in in greater measure. Simple.

Again, preaching to myself.


Much love y’all,

Bonnie ❤️

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