Leaving The Familiar & Comfortable Far Behind

Ah yes, familiarity. I know it well. I guess it’s glass-house confession time.

How many times I have been so guilty of finding myself playing in the mud bottoms of the same ol’ situations. Places & people-types where I should’ve learned lessons & long-since moved on to bigger & better things. Never to look back. Or want to.

And in some ways I have – & in others I have really struggled.

We seem to be drawn subconsciously to what we know. What was ingrained in us when just a wee one. Patterns, things that pained & scarred us- shaped us. Happenings that taught us our worth or the lack thereof. And oddly enough, the things we grew up with that we honestly despised are a kind of barbed & twisted comfort. So we seek that same feeling out as we waddle about in our grown-up pants.

It’s a pattern I would like to see completely broken in my life. Once & for all. Like really really. And I can see where it is happening even now. Proof is in the puddin’.

I’m starting to (slowly) let go more easily of things & people that are truly no good for me. It doesn’t mean that they are bad per se but just not anything that fits well into my life. Not to be able to continue to move forward & evolve into a stronger & more peaceful & productive place anyway.

And sometimes in that letting go it hurts. Like hell. Like ripping off the worlds biggest Band-Aid & then smearing glue on it, reapplying & doing it all over again.

Lord help us. We really do need Thee every hour – such gluttons for punishment. A line from one of my favorite band’s songs – “God how we hate to be free.” Ain’t it the truth.

But honeys, let me tell you something –

It. Is. So. Worth. It.

Stay in the process. Break those patterns. Me, you, us- we do not go it alone. Our Daddy is standing watch & covering us. Teaching & comforting & chastising. All with Love – the greatest extractor of the toughest stuff we desperately need to get shed of.

Join me ~

Much love y’all – & new habits & encounters of the good kind,

Bonnie ❤️

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