The Dance

I am learning that you can turn things that happen in life into a dance. The good & bad, the joys & highs, the low & hurtful, the rejections, the embarrassments, the shame. There is a rhythm to it all – strange & twisty as it may feel.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a terrible dancer. Stringing together all the happenings (or lack thereof) from day to day & trying to stay upright can be challenging. To say the least. But it’s doable. I’m your Awkward Queen.

Because, let’s face it square-on, when we’re walking along sometimes unexpected things happen. Can I get an aaaaaamen? To trip us up & down into a face-plant or to add something really awesome we didn’t even anticipate. Either way embracing it all makes us richer. Wiser. We learn & we grow. Hopefully.

See the lessons in the pain & the beauty in the rain. And don’t be afraid to look full-on in the mirror. God has your back. There is nothing so ugly or broken that He cannot fix & restore. Not even that.

As He whispered to me deep down in my soul that day by the seashore, nothing is ever truly lost in Him. He is the God of restoration & does indeed perform it in His time. His way. Which is far above ours. Don’t even try to figure it out. Just learn to dance.

Much love y’all,

Bonnie ❤️

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