Just You Wait

“Trust Me for the outcome. Relinquish all to Me. I am the hero. I am the one in control. You wanted to be in control, but the problem is you don’t have all the facts. If I gave you what you think you need, your world would be so much less than what I have intended. Trust Me. Trust My intentionality. Know that I am willing and know that I am working. I am bringing about highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled in your life. What you are incapable of doing I am completely adept at accomplishing. There is no deficit of love and there is no deficit of favor when you cast yourself into total dependence on My plan and align yourself fully with My revealed expectations upon you moment by moment.

Know this – simply because you feel unable to effect change does not mean change is not coming. Relinquish the outcome and trust Me, for I never disappoint those whose expectations are upon Me. Remember the promise of My word, that when the seed falls to the ground it will ultimately spring forth and produce exactly what you have cried out for. Give yourself over to obedience and rest. Do what you can with what you have and stick with it – for in the midst of the process I will enter in to produce a sooner not later outcome in your life.”- Father’s Heart


I hope this encourages any of you who are standing on promises you’ve had for a while. It’s tough to go on believing when we’ve waited & waited. I get that.

But continuing to hold fast to our faith is what we do because we know Whom we believe in. It is certainly not ourselves or our own ability to produce that which we hope for. I, at least, would monk it all up if I got my grubby hands on it for long. I know because I’ve tried. And I’m apparently a glutton for my own punishment.

God help us. We need Thee every hour.

Much love y’all & much more trust that God knows & has our best in store,

Bonnie ❤️

(image courtesy of chastityproject.com)

6 thoughts on “Just You Wait

  1. N M

    Thank you. This is very encouraging. Please pray boys stay safe this weekend as we will be camping with the Cubscouts and usually there is no phone reception out there.

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  2. I certainly do put my trust in the Lord and try (though often unsuccessfully) to be patient. Knowing all the facts or the future would be too much for us to handle even though we would like to sometimes. I seem to have lost most of the people and things that were dear to me, to let go of everything and trust in the Lord is a hard lesson to learn but we all have challenges in life. May the Lord watch over you Bonnie, have a lovely day.

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