Stop Looking Back

I was having a very candid conversation with a close friend on the phone night before last. And I received this devotion the next morning. Some of it was verbatim what we talked about. You can’t make this stuff up. I hope it encourages some of you. Happy Friday!


“New relationships are opening to you. In your life and in your circle, get ready to receive the connections and the fellowship I am calling you to. Loneliness is not your portion. It is not good to be alone, therefore you will not be alone. This day I say to you ask, seek, knock and pursue the relationship and the fellowship that I have ordained for you to develop and step into. No more looking back to past disappointments. No more judging new friendships by experiences of regret and rejection from times past. I say again – don’t look back. Do not look back to the things that are behind you but look to those things that are ahead. There is new life and new hope ahead for you as you listen to My voice and not the voice of mourning and sorrow that seeks to dominate your thought life. I set the solitary in families and I have never ordained that My men and My women languish in isolation and seclusion.

Shake yourself from the mesmerism of past bitter experiences. Past experiences do not have the authority to keep you from new opportunities. Your past will not dictate your future. The enemy lies and says there is only disappointment ahead for you but that is in opposition of all that I have done for you on the cross. You will not be rejected, for I was rejected and despised of men in your behalf. Refuse to make yourself a martyr to past broken relationships. It is a new day and you must choose to come out of the tombs of regret and take off the grave clothes and mourning garments of what happened before and embrace what I am doing now. You have asked. You have cried out. You have petitioned Me and I say to you beloved – GIVE ME SOME COOPERATION and I WILL GIVE YOU THE CHANGE you have cried out for. There is no magic moment or sleight of hand that will take you from where you are to where you long to be. You must go out of this wilderness on your feet – one courageous step at a time and in that you will find I am with all along the way bringing you to that place of fulfillment and healing and restoration.”- Father’s Heart


Much love y’all & a lot less looking back,

Bonnie ❤️

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