Letting Go & Letting God

How hard is it sometimes to truly let something go to God & allow Him to take over? It can be downright painful. And a little tortuous if I’m honest.

How many of you like to be in control? Like to be in-the-know? What’s coming up? What’s next? Hand up over here. 👋 Hello.

But that isn’t reality. Not if we want things to fall into place in a better way. Than ours. Because man, can we monk some stuff up on our own or what? Let’s face it, we need help in the bigger stuff. We just do.

We need to learn when to step back & when to dive in, or off. When to stay put & when to take a walkabout. We have to become more eager to go silent & still in trust than to always try & have the answers & keep our hands in the game. With no real guidance. Just willy-nilly bumping along banking on something hitting just right. Eventually.

There is purpose to our path & it ain’t always a cakewalk. Nothing good ever comes easy. At least not in my life. It’s calculated in a way that’s high above my head. I actually used to think I understood. Made me feel better to believe I knew some things. But the older I get the less I see clearly – the less I really know.

Waiting on the big stuff is a lot more like being pregnant. There’s excitement, days where you feel fantastic – & days where you feel like crap. Days where you wonder is this ever going to end & then eventually there it is – that gift. The miracle. The thing you’ve waited for & longed for & prayed for.

Not sure where I’m at in this particular season but I know Who does. And that’ll just have to be enough for now. Because nothing I’ve been doing solo is working. My white flag is slowly rising up from the corner. Just sayin’.

Much love y’all & more praying, letting go & waiting on The Promises,

Bonnie ❤️

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