Knives, Gavels, Whys & Staying Self-Aware


What an ugly, destructive & powerful thing it is.

We wield it like a knife, slashing away at whatever or whoever we feel justified slashing at. Or as a gavel, ready to pound away at whatever or whoever makes us squirm.

Judge not lest you be judged.

I have certainly been guilty. These days I try to stay on-point with not doing it. When I’m tempted to, I stop & ask myself what could possibly be driving me – & usually the answer is not far behind. Mostly something ugly & painful still rooted in me that God has His Fatherly thumb on.

If it could be broken & busted, royally screwed up & marred – I did it.

I have no right & no room to judge anyone. Not in the least.

We can be so prideful & lofty –

God help us. Help us to be Your hands & feet. Not Your enemy’s handiwork. Thinking that we are actually being Yours. Lord may we know the difference. Soften our hearts towards those we’ve hardened against. Especially those that You have knitted us to in Your divine plan. We thank You for being our example. We praise You for Your great love. For the gift You are. We are nothing apart from You. May we remember that today should we choose to reach for judgement vs. love.

In Jesus’ mighty name,


Much love y’all,

Bonnie ❤️

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