Stepping Out

A timely admonition from Loop Devotional – let it speak…

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love. – 1 John 4:18

My darling, I am not in the fear. I am in a new place, a separate place outside of it.

Step away, with Me.

There is refreshment here. A new place to stand. There is room to move, to breathe, to spread your arms wide, hands open, fingers stretched, head relaxed.

I have work for you to do with Me, yes. We will go and I will push you to lean on Me and trust Me and do things uncomfortable for you to do alone.

But you don’t go alone, my dear.

And when you are with Me in the place that could feel so uncomfortable and stress-filled, on your own—when you depend on your own strength, when you look to yourself for answers—you can rest and relax in my presence. You can head out into new territory with Me and not feel scared.

Sometimes I don’t tell you why it is I’ve asked for you to go to a place with Me. And that can feel uncomfortable, too. I know how you like answers.

But don’t not go to this new place with Me because fear grabs hold of your heart. Don’t let fear paralyze this girl-amazing-woman whom I love and adore so that fear is more powerful than this truth: I am here with you, holding your hand, not leaving your side. I am enough. My presence is enough. Where I take you is enough. You are free here, in this place with Me, outside of fear and no longer trapped.

Stand up straight, girl.

Stand up.

You are not made to cower and fret and wring your hands. You are made to walk with eyes up, head held high, so you can see the path I take you. Together we go, just one step at a time, and into territory that may be unknown but will be safe and familiar too . . . because I will be there.

And I am your home.”


This life is topsy-turvy. With all its highs & lows. Twisty happenings & hairpin turns when we least expect them. And as a result, we have to have a Northern Star at night. And the cloud by day. A compass. A guide. Else we’ll get lost. And wind up somewhere not meant for us.


Oh Lord, help us today. Help us to see clear of the wilderness. Guide us out of the mazes that we wander into. Continue to work in our hearts & make the right paths clear. And may the wrong ones become so overgrown that we can no longer recognize or find our way back to them. I pray that we won’t spend too long trying to dissect why something might be wrong for us. Even when it may be very plain. But our hearts – oh God our hearts- are beating to a very different drum. We need You so much.

Sometimes we just have to let go & trust that You know exactly what You’re doing. And we do not.

You are, after all, The Great I Am. So for the gazillionth time we leave these things with You.

In Jesus beautiful name ~ the Name above them all,


Much love y’all & much more bravado as we step out into what’s so uncomfortably good for us –

Oh. So. Good. –

Bonnie ❤️

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