The Deep

Ah yes, deep calling unto deep.

There are just some things, some places – inside of me that no one knows about but God.

Places I dare not utter to another or they may not see me the same way again. Dark places. Stony places. Places covered in cobwebs. Untouched, abandoned & forgotten by my conscious mind. But yet, they remain. And steer.

We can trust all of it to our Father.

Those things you don't want to say out loud even when you are alone can be said to Him. Laid at His beautiful scarred feet.

Trust me. It is my one True Safe Space. And it is yours.

Take that thing – those things – to God. Let Him minister Love & Light. He longs to be with each of us.

Much love y'all & bringing it all to Our Redeemer ~ He lives,

Bonnie ❤️

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