The Snail, The Ark & Me

When I read this quote below something shot straight up in my soul.

At times I have certainly felt like a snail in my own progress – in my evolvement as a human being.
As my Daddy's child.

I have fallen further than short. And I have had to battle shame. And certainly forgiving myself. Shrinking back into places I thought were surely hidden in an attempt to escape His gaze. Ridiculous, I know.

And I have also moved forward with leaps & bounds & just when I was on cruise control I'd flip – tumbling backwards again. And again.

Backwards & afraid maybe.
And running. From the unknown.
Of what was yet untapped in me.
Or afraid of what I might never be.

Comparison can be our greatest enemy. We absolutely can wear ourselves out on the ratty-wheel of attempting to be like someone else. Which is actually completely & utterly futile. It will never happen. There is no one like you. Or me. Or them.

But the beautiful, wonderful, awesome thing is that we are all made in God's image. And He is working on us daily to be more like HIM.

Now that's a goal worth having.
May we stay pliable in His hands.


We need Thee every hour Lord ~
And may we never, ever lose sight of that.

Much love y'all,

Bonnie ❤️

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