"The mountains are being removed in your life. Your mountain is as nothing before Me. Before the mountain standing in your way was – I AM. I was before and I will be after. I am reducing the mountain of adversity in your life to nothing. The mountain and the obstacle in your way will only serve as a footnote of My greater faithfulness in your life. What ELSE could possibly go right? The memory that once brought tears will provoke laughter and rejoicing in the remembrance of the delivering hand of My glory that brought you through and recompensed you fully. I am the God of recompense. I am the God of rescue. I AM your rescue. What others will not do and what others cannot do I will bring about in a moment of time and great will be your rejoicing.

Do not bear ill will against those who have failed you. That is who they are. That is what they do. Why expect them to do or to think or act differently? Forgive them! Forgive, release and bless, for what I have for you cannot come until you choose to let go of all resentment and just move forward in the path I have set before you. The blessing and the glory is bursting through even now. The fullness of joy is descending even now. My hand of power is extracting you from the miry clay of bitter circumstances. Shake the dust off your feet. Forget the harsh words of those who never had My mind concerning you. It doesn't matter if they presume they speak with My authority. What is that to you when you KNOW on the inside of you that you are ACCEPTED, and not only that you are accepted, but walking into My full and complete approval? My approval is out there – My acceptance is now. So, keep on moving forward and trusting that this day and on the morrow, all will be revealed and My blessing be made sure in your life." – Father's Heart Ministry


I feel like God has been depositing into me lately just how "accepted" I am. That I am not rejected. That no matter what anyone else says or does I am His beloved. Granted, these are things that I already know but sometimes we all need to be reminded – gently pushed in a different direction when life hands us things that spin us around & we may momentarily buy into those age-old untruths. Of not being enough or too much or less-than.

Sweet Lord I pray for every single person this morning that is feeling rejected, condemned, judged. I pray that Your truths would sink deeper than the lies they are buying. I pray that their heavy loads would be lifted.
I pray that each person would get a revelation of just how precious they are to You.

In Jesus' Precious Name,


Much love y'all,

Bonnie ❤️

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