Let Love In

How many of us shrink back and try to hide the things about ourselves we aren't proud of? That we may be ashamed of? Areas where we feel less-than. Comparatively so.

Lord help us. Cmon somebody.

I'll be the first to raise both my hands high in the air. I am guilty as charged.
The older I've gotten, and the more I have allowed God to love me the more I am no longer afraid to show these parts of myself anymore.

There are some people I'm more comfortable around – it's not like I go around exposing more hidden things to just anyone. Nevertheless, I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin with each passing day.

We might as well. Because we will never be anyone else. That'll preach right there.


We are God's craftsmanship.
We are the apple of His eye.
He loves us so much.

And We ought love ourselves as we love Our Papa back & love on each other each day.

Much more of it y'all,

Bonnie ❤️

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