My Heart In My Hands

I couldn’t sleep last night & was still awake at 3am – the proverbial rat running round & round on the squeaky wheel in my head. And sometimes I will have these little what I would like to call “visions” of things. I cannot make this stuff up.When it happens it’s usually something profound to me, if to no-one else. 

In this particular one I saw a cute little stick figure cartoon of A girl standing there with her head slightly down, her hands extended out & facing up as in an offering. In those hands was her red, red heart.

Standing in front of her was another stick figure of A boy, reaching out to take that heart from her. Once he had it, he took off into another room & closed the door.

You would have to understand my brain but as all of this unraveled these are the things that I felt – 
The girl stood there for what felt like an eternity. Scared to death of what he was going to do with it. Panicking that she might not get it back this time. Thinking that this would be just like all the other boys before Him. Though that was the last thing she ever wanted. No, not with this one.

Finally she could no longer take it. She broke free of her transfixed state & went over to the door that he disappeared behind. She very quietly opened it & peered inside ever so carefully. What she saw next blew her away. She had to fight with everything in her not to fall to her knees in disbelief & disturb the scene that lay before her. 

Standing there at a table The boy had her heart spread out in front of him. He was being very careful with it but had it open & was looking around inside like he was digging around for hidden treasure. Sifting through it here & there, stopping randomly in particular places, occasionally he would remove a piece – but each time he did, he would reach inside his own heart & remove one as well. Next placing it in the same spot where he had taken one of hers. And vice-versa. This continued on for just a little while longer. When he was done he carefully gathered it back together into one imperfectly perfect heart & quietly turned on his heel to go back to where he had left her. That’s when he saw her standing there. Knowing The girl had witnessed what he was really doing. His cover was blown. 

And that is when they both Knew. 

After it all had finished playing out in this mind of mine, I laid there & cried for just a little while. This scenario is something that I have never had happen to me before in a natural, human sense. Anytime I have handed my heart to someone in the past it’s always been handed back in used, abused or broken condition. 

Of course with God, that never happens. Don’t misread me.

I’m just talking human soul-to-soul here. 

Maybe this little vision in the middle of the night was to encourage me that The boy is out there. Maybe it’s someone that I already know, or maybe it’s someone that I will meet. Hopefully someday soon.

And maybe it was given to me to share with some of you that possibly need the encouragement. 

Irregardless, it was very real to me.
And incredibly sweet & hope-filled. 

Thank you Lord for this little gift that I believe You gave to me in the wee hours. You are so good to me in spite of me. You deserve all the honor & praise for anything good found in me. 

You are the Author of my story. 

And the Keeper of my heart. 

Much love y’all & keeping Hope alive, 

Bonnie ❤️

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