Love Letters To You

The end of every love letter God ever writes to us – I Am here & I Am not going anywhere. 

Do not fear that the Lord has turned His back on you. Or that you have done something unforgivable. 

Do not fear that you are irreparable. 

Broken in such a way that nothing good can ever come from what has happened. 

Look up from that trench & don’t just focus on the walls that surround you. God can change your environment with one word from His mouth. 

And bring you up & out – 

To a new beginning. 

He restores & He heals – 

Rebuilds & makes new. 

All things. We need but only trust Him at His word. And stand there stubbornly until we see it. 

And when we topple in our humanity do not stay down in shame – 

But allow Him to lift us back up. 

Because He wants to. And He will. 

He is so good. 

Lift those beautiful hands with me today ~ 

Thank You Lord for not ever, ever going anywhere. 

For always being here for us. 

For Your Good Father chastisement – 

To set things right in Your best for us. 

For Your Great Love that never changes. But it changes us. From glory to glory. There truly is no shadow of turning in You. 
We praise You high above every single created thing. You are worthy of it all.

In Jesus’ mighty wonderful name, 

Much love y’all, 
Bonnie ❤️

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