He Chose Me

“He chose ME.” 

Let that sink in.   
How many of us have that deeply – I mean DEEPLY – embedded desire to feel this very thing & believe it in such a big way?
How many of us have struggled with insecurity & little-to-no-self-esteem because of what life may have hurled at us? 

Oh to be seen & to be known & to be chosen. 

In spite of our imperfect selves.

We chase it in so many forms. 

Material things, other people, higher status, feeling accomplished – & on. And on. 

The trouble is whatever is missing is none of those things. 

I know that first-hand. 

And I still battle looking for it myself sometimes.

I also know that the One place that I can find true satisfaction is in God alone. Anything or anyone else is just a sweet bonus – something else I get to be grateful for. And whenever I trip up & start to place too much value on the anything-elses – it causes me to lose my peace & joy & gets me all twisty. 

I don’t like me like that. Nope. Reminds me too much of yesteryear. 

I mean, who else but God – our own Maker after all – knows exactly how to fill every void & apply salve to every darkened crack & crevice made by this life? It makes total sense that there are chasms inside of us so deep that they can only be touched by Him – our Balm of Gilead. Our Wheel-within-the-wheel. The Light when we can’t see anything. I mean nothing. He is like no other. So simple & yet so true. 

There are certainly places in me that ache & grieve in such a way that I might never fully show another the sum total of it all. It would just be too much. Maybe. Maybe not. 

But. God. 

He can, does & will handle it all. 

With love & compassion & healing in His wings.

I am so grateful from the very bottom of the very bottom of everything that is within me – that You chose me. 
That You see me. 
That You love me. 
In spite of me. 
Everything I have need of is found in You. 
And You hold the keys to the desires of my heart ~ I need not fear. 

You are a Good, Good Father. 
Hallelujah Lord.

Much love y’all – He chose YOU – how awesome is that? 

Bonnie ❤️

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