A Walk With God

Last night I literally felt almost pulled to go outside & take a walk. So I did. As I ambled along random things were rolling by in my mind in typical reel-to-reel fashion. And the more that I walked I tried to just focus on God & whatever He may be wanting to share with me rather than the addled rat in my head. (I feel sure I am touched by some serious “ADD” or whatever that is, so this isn’t always the easiest task… just sayin’.) As I did this the more I settled & stilled inside a bit. I needed it.

When I came in all sweaty & feeling grateful I took a cool-ish shower & settled on the couch for a few in the quiet before bed. Like normal, I grabbed my phone & this devotional was sitting in my inbox from early that day. I decided to read it & it really stirred me in the sweetest way. God is so good like that.
I pray it encourages some of you.


Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul (Psalm 143:8).

In the distance, I am coming. From afar, I walk towards you, my eyes always on you. I bend my ear close to you, your breath sweet on my cheek. You delight Me, my darling.

Want to run away together, just you and Me?

Running away is staying—staying close—and going with Me. I delight when you stay. I have something for you—a plan, a task to do together. It is not what you think. It is what I reveal to your heart.

Trust your heart.

When you see Me coming—in the distance coming for you—trust your heart. When I am near, when I am so close you know my presence in you, trust your heart.

Trusting means surrendering your will to mine. It means believing Me more than yourself.

I am in you.

Trusting is recognizing my whispers and not your own without Me. Listen to the whispers to your heart when we are together.

Trust Me: I delight in you. I love to be with you. I guide the path for your heart.” – Loop Devotional


The whispers in my heart when we are together….

Oh. My. Lord. You Are everything to me I ever sought in another.

Much love y’all – enjoy your weekend,


(image courtesy of dickinsonjourney.blogspot.com)

Autumn forest path

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