Misfits, Invisibles & The God Who Sees Us All

I have always been drawn to the the ones who aren’t popular.
Or who shrink back from the spotlight.
The broken ones, the ones others laugh at. Gossip about.
Tear apart with their words.

It makes me want to show them they are loved all-the-more, that they have value & worth beyond any price, that they are seen. For more than just the outside. And that I know they too have a story & it’s worth listening to.
It’s worth talking about.
It’s worth taking time for.

The misfits are my people. I do not – nor have I ever- identified with the polished & perfect. I like the rough & tumble & the ones who know what humility means & they walk in it.
I don’t hang with religious folk –
The ones that wear their Christianity like a badge for all to see –
Looking down righteous noses in contempt for those who expose their stains unabashedly – the same stains they most likely have themselves.
But wear themselves out to hide.

God help us.

May every person reading these words today know that you are loved, seen & cherished.
And you are certainly the Apple of God’s eye.

You are worth dying for –
Jesus bears the scars of that Truth & He would do it again.
Just. For. You
And. For. Me.

Live like you are all of these things, because you are.
Receive that Love today & lavish it upon yourself & then lavish it on your neighbor. You may be the only light their darkness sees…

Much much more of it y’all,




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