Getting Free From The Grip Of Grief

“For those of you have been debilitated by emotional trauma, I will give you the strength and ability to move into a place of recall without pain. It is time for you to be free to progress without being bound by grief. You need to give yourself permission to leave distressing events behind knowing that you are not betraying your memories. Job 16:5 But I would strengthen you with my mouth, and the comfort of my lips would relieve your grief.” – Small Straws In A Soft Wind, Marsha Burns 


Grief is something that I am more than acquainted with. It’s been a part of me since childhood – before I understood what it really was – & it has shaped me & allowed me to have empathy for people going through what I have been through. So I am grateful for it in that way. But it is also something that I long to be free from in rooted-form.

Little by little I have felt myself leaving it behind. So this word, this devotion – was very, very timely for me. 

I realize grief will always be a part of life. And I also realize that I don’t have to live in that place. I can rise above it by my Daddy’s Great Grace & Love. 

And only by that. 

I would be so lost without my relationship with God. 

Thank You Lord for the gift of life & life more abundant. 

Much love y’all & much more freedom to keep moving forward, 


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