Ramblings On Regret & Questions & Our Redemption

On Sunday afternoon some things just started hitting me. 

Regret over decisions made or sometimes not made. Priorities being all screwed up at one time or the other. Struggling & grappling with blaming myself for things that were out of my control. Or questioning if maybe they could’ve somehow been within it. And this all was just slashing away at me. 

And praying & hoping beyond all hope that Jesus’ blood is enough to cover it & redeem it & restore it. 

Doesn’t it matter maybe more than anything the remorse that I feel? The love that I feel. And my belief in my Savior. Yes, I believe that all matters to Him. 

We all want to believe & know that we know that we know that that is enough.

Thank you Lord for Your great love – Your grace & Your mercy – all of this in spite of me. Thank You for being my example & encourager & for never, ever leaving me. 

Thank You Jesus. 

Thank You Jesus. 

Thank You Jesus.

I worship You from places inside of me that no one can touch but You.

Where is my truth? 

You are My Lord. 

My. Only. Truth. 

And the Redeemer & Restorer of all things broken & lost.

Much love y’all ~ believe it. 

Bonnie ❤️

(image courtesy of thechangeblog.com)

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