I Don’t Deserve You 

I had a really nice weekend spending most of it with family & some soon-to-be-family, I hope. My Mother’s Day began with a phone call from my sweet son. His voice is my favorite of all. 

Last night I was looking around my little apartment & was just flooded with an overwhelming gratitude. It happens from time to time and when it does I just let it flow. 

It’s only 744 ft.². But it’s my little space. And it’s truly a home. For so many reasons I won’t even bother going into here I could be in such a different place. And that is quite an understatement. 

I have a really good job that sustains me, I have peace in my heart, joy that supersedes circumstances, & most of all my son Robbie is alive & well & thriving right now.  

I’ve told God this so many times before but if He never does another thing for me, I am truly, truly blessed. Beyond measure. 

Apart from His Great Grace & Love I do not deserve the place that I am at. I do not deserve the goodness that I see all around me in my life. But nonetheless, because of my belief & faith in Him I receive it. With more humility than I could ever express to anyone. 
Much love y’all, 

Bonnie ❤️

Please listen to this beautiful song I found on my search for the right picture to go with this post. This will end up being much more perfect.

Plumb – Don’t Deserve You

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