If It Isn’t One, Make It So

“This is a great day. It may not look like a great day, but it is a great and glorious day. You are not bound by the 24 hour period of time that stretches tediously out before you. You are walking in the day that is known as the DAY OF THE LORD and as such, you are experience kingdom timing and Kairos timing that controls all that happens next in your life. This is the day of the Lord and I have crafted it for your good and for your blessing. There is no challenge or difficulty that will not bow before you as you move forward in faith, for I am in you – implementing the promise of Calvary in your behalf.

So, purpose in your heart this day not to meditate on everything that is going wrong – but set yourself to discover just WHO I AM on the inside of you. In so doing, you will discover that I am POWER, putting you over in every challenge. You will find that I AM LOVE, surrounding you with My goodness and My blessing. You will know assuredly that I AM YOUR SHIELD, wrapping you up in My favor till even your enemies will seek peace with you because they will recognize that My hand is upon you for benefit and blessing. This is the hour that changes the world. This is the moment that who I AM is being made manifest in your life. Trust Me in the trial and rejoice in Me through the midst of the fire, for I am bringing you out without even the smell of smoke on your garment.” Father’s Heart Ministry 


For some of you, it may take every ounce of strength that you have. And then some that you don’t- by God’s grace. And it’s OK. Each of us has been there at one point or another. 

We have so much to be thankful for & that alone should help us rise.

Much love y’all – be encouraged & make it a great day, 


(image courtesy of wallpaperup.com)

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