A Ubiquitous Revelation

I was driving home from seeing my son last night mulling some things over – no music playing – just me & the road. And out of nowhere this word dropped into my spirit. I had heard it in the past but did not know its meaning. 

When I got home I looked it up –


Existing everywhere, or seeming to exist everywhere; omnipresent. 

Of course, as Christians, we “know” that God is omniscient & omnipresent. But sometimes we need to be reminded. 

One thing that said to me is that no matter where my son is God sees Him clearly & He is there with him. 
Again, something I “know” but how sweet for my Father to speak that word to me that I don’t know the meaning of – just so that I can go home & dig up its treasure. 

What things do you have need of today? What desires unmet are still buried in your heart?

God is our one & only True resource.

He is intimately familiar with our provision. With the realization of our dreams. He knows exactly when & where to bring them to pass.

Oh ye, oh me – of little faith. 

How big is our God!

Sometimes I am filled with an overwhelming feeling of good things to come. Like an anchored-deep certainty that tugs me awake when I’ve lost my zeal. I felt that last night & I’m feeling it again right now. Not just for me & what I’m believing for but for you as well.

And what an overwhelming feeling, honor & privilege to be able to share this journey with y’all. Sometimes when I look back over my life at all of the things that I have endured – that without God in all honesty I could not have done – I am astounded. To be able to communicate those things & find kinship here is a heavenly gift. Beauty for the ash heaps – Gilead-balm for a tired & weary soul. 

Be encouraged today. Again, we do serve a BIG & ubiquitous God. He who is able to do what we cannot. And helps us to do what we thought we never could.

He Who is everywhere, all the time, always with us. We ought never fear, though we often do. 

God help us to see You Sovereign-high above our circumstances. Help us to shine Your light more brightly. We love you & we praise You above all created things. 

In Jesus’ beautiful name,


Much love y’all & a big, warm hug, 

(image courtesy of goodmenproject.com)

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