Ramblings On What’s Important, What Isn’t & A Prayer To Help Us Through

Life is fragile. There is so much good & so much evil in this world. I don’t understand how people make it without a relationship with God. 

Loving each other through the difficulties is so important. Forgiveness is so important.

Being willing to meet at least halfway is so important. 

Having faith in God & one another & encouraging is so important. 

Not fighting over the stupidest things. Not going on & on just to come out on top. Because no one ever really does. I have been there. 

Learning to see each other through Jesus’ eyes. Learning to pray instead of gossiping under the guise of being Christian-concerned. 

When we feel the urge to tell someone what they mean to us we should do it. When we feel the urge to tell someone the truth we should do it. And make sure it’s wrapped in Love. 

Don’t be afraid of the truth & don’t be afraid to live in it. It doesn’t always feel good but it sets us free. I’m preaching to myself. 

Hallelujah Lord. Help us to navigate the swamps that we see all around us some days. Free our children from addiction on this side of heaven – & may they go on to pay it forward. Help us all to be Your hands & feet. Help us to work side-by-side & stop turning our backs on each other. May we not look at someone else with indifference. Or in judgment. God may we leave that up to You. 

Help us to know what ties to cut & which ones to bind tighter. Not everything that glitters is gold. Help us to know the difference. Help us to hear Your voice more clearly with each passing day & to follow Your Good Fatherly direction even when everything in us does not want to. Help us not to fear the outcome of obedience because You alone can be trusted above all others. 

You would never lead us into death. 

For You. Are. Life. 

And. Love. 

And There is no shadow of turning in You. 

We exalt You & praise You & fall at Your beautiful feet Lord. 

In Jesus’ Mighty & Wonderful name,


Much love y’all, 


(image found on pinterest)

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